Many thanks for Rosa

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Many thanks for Rosa

Сообщение groni » 13 сен 2016, 16:49

Hello to all
My Name is groni i'm from Germany
so as you can see on my profile i work for the Pisi Linux Distribution.
I work with Pisi Linux on a second Partition ( i work not with a Virtualbox or other virtual System), now i have need a stable system and have try any Distris.
So i try Rosa too, and the result was after 2 weeks trying Rosa was my choice. Simple installation, fast and stable system, i like it.

To the developers when you need help with German or English Translation or when i can help on other way please let me know it and give a notice to me

Make the good work further for the next Rosa Release


I'm 49 Years old and work since 10 Years with Linux.
I like it to help other users with my Know-How, i work since 3 Years for the Pisi Linux Distro.
I need a stable System and after a while of testing is my favorite Distri Rosa Linux.

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Re: Many thanks for Rosa

Сообщение keleg » 14 сен 2016, 08:31

Thank you!
We tried to make the system for people.