New Ubuntu user, can I use Ubuntu Desktop as a server?

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New Ubuntu user, can I use Ubuntu Desktop as a server?

Сообщение Benjamin » 30 май 2018, 07:54


before I begin explaining my question I just want to say that I don't really know most of what I'm talking about and may not use the correct terminology. I recently got a desktop from a relative, and since I have never used any distro of Linux before (excluding Raspbian) I figured I would install Ubuntu Desktop on it just to see what it was like. Today I decided I want to turn it into a home server, which I have never done before. I plan on running a TS3 server on it, as well as maybe a web server and an SQL server if I can figure out how. From what I understand, it is better to use Ubuntu Server because it comes with PHP and Apache and all of that, but I am rather intimidated by the command line style. I feel like having a GUI would be less scary, since I know nothing about any of this.
Is it simple to just install LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop or should I just grow a pair and learn how to use Ubuntu Server? Also, are there any significant uses for a home server that I can't do on Ubuntu as opposed to Windows Server? I understand that the common opinion on the Internet (and especially here) is that Ubuntu server is inherently better than Windows Server.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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New Ubuntu user, can I use Ubuntu Desktop as a server?

Сообщение aponomarenko » 20 авг 2018, 10:08

Just install LAMP packages to any Linux (ROSA, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.) and you'll get a "server".

See ... PHP,_MySQL.
Проверить работоспособность компьютера и найти драйвера / Check operability of hardware and find drivers:

Код: Выделить всё

hw-probe -all -upload