Updated GCC and NVidia drivers

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Updated GCC and NVidia drivers

Сообщение euspectre » 11 апр 2018, 11:47

Updated GCC was published to our package repositories this morning and should be available at the mirrors soon. This version of GCC supports retpoline which is useful for security.

However, some of the proprietary NVidia drivers may fail to build with this updated GCC. If you are using such drivers, please do the following.

1. If you are using nvidia390 or nvidia-current, it will be sufficient to update them to version 390.42-3 or newer. The packages have been available since last week.

2. If you are using nvidia375 or nvidia384, please run "urpmi.update -a; urpmi ldetect-lst" as root, and then run XFdrake switch to nvidia390 there. All GPUs supported by nvidia375 and nvidia384 should be supported by nvidia390 as well.

Please check, just in case, that version 390.42-3 or newer of the drivers has been installed.

3. If you are using nvidia340 or nvidia304, nothing special is needed: these drivers were updated months ago, with all needed fixes.

If you have already updated GCC and now graphics does not start, here are some tips.

1. If there is another kernel installed in the system, you can try to select it at boot time. If the system boots OK with it, run "urpmi.update -a; urpmi ldetect-lst", then start XFdrake to set up the graphics properly.

2. If there is no other kernel installed and the graphics does not start, try to switch to a virtual console (e.g., with ctrl-alt-f2) and run "urpmi.update -a; urpmi ldetect-lst", then run XFdrake in text mode.

Other solutions might be possible (login via SSH, for example), but the goal is the same: log in, update the lists of available packages, set up the graphics again.

Hope this helps.