Help :( Is it possible to install Lightworks on ROSA Fresh?

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Help :( Is it possible to install Lightworks on ROSA Fresh?

Сообщение rickin » 04 май 2018, 06:29

Hi all,

Can someone help me?, know if Lightworks ... =206&tab=4

Can be installed & run on ROSA Fresh?

I have had a glance at it, & the documentation relates to Fedora when it comes to RPMs

The install guide says for RPM systems;
Installing on RPM-Based Linux Distributions
Before you start the installation, check the following:
• Virus-protection software, security software and Firewall(s) are turned off.
• Make sure you have the latest proprietary graphics card drivers for Linux installed.
Instructions for installing these can be found on the download pages for the RPM
and DEB distributions.
• All other programs are closed down.
• You are logged into the operating system with Administrator privileges.
Currently, Lightworks only supports Fedora 20 and higher. After installing Fedora, you
must install and run the 'RPM Fusion' repositories, which can be found at:
You will need both the Free and Non-Free versions.
TP-00308-01 7
Lightworks v14.0
To install Lightworks on RPM-based distributions:
1. Before installing Lightworks, install the Fusion repositories. Do the following:
a) Navigate to the directory to where you downloaded the repositories.
b) Open a terminal and type: su (followed by the password).
c) Type: yum install <file.rpm>. Do this for both the Free and NonFree
2. Download the Lightworks RPM file to a local drive.
3. Navigate to the directory where you saved the Lightworks RPM file, and type:
yum install lwks-14.0.x-amd64.rpm
4. The installation process starts.
5. It is recommended that you restart your system after installation.
Can anyone assist with this one :x

Thanks :Yahoo!:
Lightworks 14 Installation and Activaton Guide.pdf
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