flatpak install fail

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flatpak install fail

Сообщение rosaluke » 19 авг 2022, 01:47

when i tried to install from flathub, it returns

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OSTree:ERROR:src/libostree/ostree-fetcher-curl.c:886:initiate_next_curl_request: assertion failed (rc == CURLM_OK): (1 == 0)

Bail out! OSTree:ERROR:src/libostree/ostree-fetcher-curl.c:886:initiate_next_curl_request: assertion failed (rc == CURLM_OK): (1 == 0)

Aborted (core dumped)
there is a post somehwere here that suggests adding

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to the flatpak config file, but it did not do anything. another online source suggests that rosalinux version of curl is the culprit.

i am not sure how to fix.

edit: on this particular system, the only difference from a typical install is the default user id being 1000. for some perculiar reason rosalinux creates new users with uid 500's instead of the typical 1000, which makes it inconvenient to share data files in a multiboot system.

on a fresh live usb system, just installed a flatpak from flathub without any error messages, although not sure if it would open because the flatpak did not show up in the desktop...probably needed to re-login, which i did not try. the important point is that it installed, when attempt at doing the same thing on an installed system with new user failed.

update: on subsequent attempts, the flatpak install succeeded with editting the config file noted above. very strange. thanks for all the help in this thread :wink:

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flatpak install fail

Сообщение reporter_rosa_user » 05 сен 2022, 02:04

The same for me. Would like to find a solution cause I'm using a few flatpak packages not available as .rpms. Probably won't be fixed until the devs update lib64ostree1 package.


As for me. This workaround doesn't work for remote repos.


My initial guess was wrong. Need to rebuild /usr/lib64/libcurl.so.4 with http2 support. I was able to fix it by building it from sources. I did it on a virtual machine because I don't know whether my variant of libcurl is safe, but it works. I've been able to install flatpak's remotely:

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$ flatpak install flathub com.valvesoftware.Steam
Поиск совпадений…
Требуемая среда исполнения для com.valvesoftware.Steam/x86_64/stable (runtime/org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/22.08) найдена в удалённом репозитории flathub
Хотите установить её? [Y/n]: Y

Разрешения com.valvesoftware.Steam:
    ipc                            network          pulseaudio         wayland                 x11                     devices
    bluetooth                      devel            multiarch          per-app-dev-shm         file access [1]         dbus access [2]
    system dbus access [3]         tags [4]

    [1] xdg-music:ro, xdg-pictures:ro, xdg-run/app/com.discordapp.Discord:create
    [2] org.freedesktop.Notifications, org.freedesktop.PowerManagement, org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver, org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.MediaKeys, org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher
    [3] org.freedesktop.NetworkManager, org.freedesktop.UDisks2, org.freedesktop.UPower
    [4] proprietary

        ID                                                 Ветка               Оп             Удалённый репозиторий             Загрузка
 1. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform.Compat.i386               22.08               i              flathub                           107,4 МБ / 106,0 МБ
 2. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default                22.08               i              flathub                           130,7 МБ / 131,0 МБ
 3. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform.GL32.default              22.08               i              flathub                           106,1 МБ / 138,4 МБ
 4. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform.Locale                    22.08               i              flathub                             3,8 МБ / 332,9 МБ
 5. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform.openh264                  2.3.0               i              flathub                             1,3 МБ / 973,1 кБ
 6. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform                           22.08               i              flathub                           189,3 МБ / 214,3 МБ
 7. [✓] com.valvesoftware.Steam                            stable              i              flathub                            15,5 МБ / 14,2 МБ

Установка завершена.


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