Games with really good, truly satisfying melee combat?

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Games with really good, truly satisfying melee combat?

Сообщение Benjamin » 19 апр 2018, 11:26


I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls II and, as with Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, I was suddenly reminded of how much I love the combat in those games. You can't really button mash your way through encounters. And while you don't need to apply all the combat mechanics, I really like that a given fight can involve blocking, attacking, parrying and riposting, roll-dodging and backstabbing, and it all flows rather nicely. Granted, the deliberate nature of the combat can make it seem slow, and I've certainly had friends level that criticism against the games, but I appreciate that more methodical pace. It feels a little more 'real' because you don't just wildly hack and slash like a madman, both because you'd leave yourself open to counterattacks and you'd tire yourself out, which is why I even love the stamina system.?

Please help.

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