about swap memory and desktops

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about swap memory and desktops

Сообщение srer » 01 авг 2017, 04:32

I have a swap partition on my disk but have no swap memory after installation. Maybe it's because I didn't install it during installation. The question is that can I add it now without installing the whole system again?

The second question is that I found there is a field on the left side of the login screen to let me choose which desktop manager to use. So does it mean that I can install more than one desktop in one system? If the answer is yes, then how to add another desktop to the system? I am using KDE now.

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Re: about swap memory and desktops

Сообщение Anaximandar » 13 авг 2017, 17:39

Yes, it is possible to mount the swap partition with the command #swapon . If the partition is not created, can be created using $diskdrake .
You can use other desktop environments at the same time.
For example, you can install LxQt environment adding package task-lxqt .

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