Canon MX410 manual install rosa marathon 2012 free x86_65

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Canon MX410 manual install rosa marathon 2012 free x86_65

Сообщение lisa » 07 дек 2012, 23:01

Hi all,
I finally attempted to install drivers for the MX401. I don't use the cups/gutenprint drivers as they do not work for this printer, even though there is a selection in the printer configuration GUI. The sane scanner drivers do not work, either, as I recall there were none available to try. So, I went to Canon Europe site and downloaded tar files
Linux IJ Printer Driver MX410 and Linux IJ Scanner Driver MX410.
Extracted them and found the rpm files for x86_64 and right clicked on them and installed with installer. That went well. But, printer in system-config-printer showed a red exclamation point over the printer icon under localhost. Printer would not do a test print or print a text file.
Found this mageia forum thread

and quoting from that thread
file pstocanonij was not placed in /usr/lib/cups/filter or /usr/lib64/cups/filter. Finally I ended up just copying the file from my Fedora installation to Mageia in the usr/lib/cups/filter directory
I did as suggested and now this machine works fine. I need to send a bug report to Canon.
Lisa Marie