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unable to install RDS with Rosa Server 6.5

Добавлено: 30 ноя 2013, 14:26
Hi team,

After a fresh install of Rosa server 6.5 with default parameters, i'm currently unable to install the RDS with the web setup interface.
My current config is as follow:
hostname: localhost.localdomain
hostname -f : localhost.localdomain
static ip address: gtw:

content of my /etc/hosts: localhost.localdomain localhost localhost.localdomain localhost

content of /etc/sysconfig/network:

Now in the web setup interface, i select "RDS main components" then fill the following parameters:
set hostname: checked
hostname: localhost.localdomain
IP address: none (strange because, i'm not able to select my own ip address !!!, this one does not appears in the dropdown list)
RDS domain name: example.com
RDS password: root pwd
password policy: unchecked
backup diectory /var/archives

resulting the following error message:
"Host localhost.localdomain is already present in another network , FQDN for the current host can be changed e.g. via editing records in /etc/hosts file"

I'm stuck here and unable to continue in the RDS setup process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Re: unable to install RDS with Rosa Server 6.5

Добавлено: 08 дек 2013, 16:31
Well, no answer from the ROSA community so going back to ClearOS.
definitively more easy to install and manage and better support, clearly