Linux Rosa Fresh being abandoned?

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Linux Rosa Fresh being abandoned?

Сообщение ejvwaasdijk » 06 мар 2016, 16:34

Dear members of the Rosa Forum,

I notice that many threads are opened that get no answers. Does this mean that this beautiful distribution is being abandoned? Or is it only the international version that is left behind? I should like to know this, because I installed Rosa Fresh on several friends' computers. If the international version is phased out, I should like to be told, so that I can install another distribution that contiues to be supported.



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Re: Linux Rosa Fresh being abandoned?

Сообщение Delles » 06 мар 2016, 17:13

The Russian forums are quite active, and the support is good there. The French ones seem to be OK too. I don’t know why the English-speaking community is silent. Everything is alright, perhaps; no problem to discuss. :)
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Re: Linux Rosa Fresh being abandoned?

Сообщение matfx » 24 апр 2016, 11:17

Though the English forums not that active but the development of Rosa Desktop is quite active and i do believe it is not necessary to abandon Rosa desktop just because of forums activity.
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