Quick review rosa fresh r3 and adobe bracket in rosa r3 32 bits

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Quick review rosa fresh r3 and adobe bracket in rosa r3 32 bits

Сообщение paco-toledo » 12 июл 2014, 22:28

Quick review rosa fresh r3 versus open mandriva /adobe bracket in rosa r3 32 bits

Rosa fresh r3
the good

-quick boot for a kde environment
- stability compared to openmandriva. ie no problem with old packaging mandriva
-more application than openmandriva for example bluegriffon works . It s not the case
with openmandriva

- stackfolder klook fantastic

the not so good

- simple welcome no idea how to tweak it
it could be interesting to have simple welcome by group (as home run) to avoid so many
or better the possibility to choose between homerun and simplewelcome
- no idea how to disable for example an ethernet card from the gui (done in konsole)
- missing some wireless drivers compared to linux mint was not able for example to
run wifi card on a lenovo computer
- missing firmware for dvb card
It could be interesting to have installed these applications
-Kaffeine for dvb card (tv card)
or a preset for Rosa media player but in this case at the moment Rosa media player not as good
as kaffeine for tv card

- Kconnect to connect to android device via wifi for example
- more plasma applet preinstalled
for example
battery enhanced monitor in a way to know remaining time and and to sleep or hibernate computer

the temperature monitor with the psensors is very important to control computer temperature

- add sleep and hibernate in the menu as openmandriva ....
- hoping to have a kind of time machine in Rosa Linux
may be duplicati can be interesting

Or may be some preinstalled sync tools
as synkron or freefilesync

My computer is an old msi wind with dual boot (2gb ram and 80 gb hdd and lazy atom processor)

And I am using more and more rosa linux than Linux mint

a few application that are not in rosa repository but that there is no problem
-omegat (its in repository but too old for me as I am translating spanish french everyday
-sun java no problem
- netbeans 8
- lighttable
- leconjugueur (french verbs)
- littre french diccionary
- google chrome
-duplicati (not fully tested)
-aptana studio 3
- softmaker office suite
- kingsoft office suite
- sublime text3
- komodo edit
-pdf infix editor in wine for translation of pdf with omegat

- adobe bracket (from deb file) and with google chrome installed and a link
How to install bracket in rosa
1) install an activate google chrome
2 extract data from Brackets.Release.0.41.32-bit.deb (in my case)
extract only data.tar.sz
in a directory
and create a link (actually I am lazzy I copied the link from lighttable)
[$ ls -l libudev.so.0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 fois fois 17 juil. 12 20:15 libudev.so.0 -> /lib/libudev.so.1*
seems to work as i didnt manage to compile bracket from source code

-Scrabble3d scrabble english french spanish etc used to word in older rosa with rpm
doesnt work now

Doubt about the possibility to activate the tlp linux advanced power management
Do you plan to install it in the future
As it s supposed to improve battery and to reduce temperature

Congratulation to all the team

keep the good job

Hope there is no mistake in this summary

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Re: Quick review rosa fresh r3 and adobe bracket in rosa r3 32 bits

Сообщение Pulfer » 13 июл 2014, 15:04

paco-toledo писал(а):a few application that are not in rosa repository but that there is no problem
It's not possible to package Skype into RPM due to license limitations. But there's get-skype package that downloads specific Skype version during RPM installation. And when new Skype version is released it's possible to install it via get-skype package update.
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Re: Quick review rosa fresh r3 and adobe bracket in rosa r3 32 bits

Сообщение ДроноваЮ » 14 июл 2014, 17:47

paco-toledo писал(а):- simple welcome no idea how to tweak it