Flashplayer sometimes turns blue-purple

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Flashplayer sometimes turns blue-purple

Сообщение MitraMai » 30 дек 2012, 13:53

Well, the topic says it all. Playing videos on youtube sometimes turns the picture blueish-purple. I read somewhere that it has with libvpau to do, and that downgrading to libvpau1 should solve the issue, but I can only find libvpau-dev when searching with urpmq.

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Re: Flashplayer sometimes turns blue-purple

Сообщение manturbo » 31 дек 2012, 18:24

Go to that YouTube Video and with a Right Click in the Video disable "enable hardware acceleration", see here what I mean:

http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/ ... celeration

Restart it and the faulty colors will disappear

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Re: Flashplayer sometimes turns blue-purple

Сообщение kda » 18 янв 2013, 11:28

Fixed with the latest update of libvdpau.