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16 мар 2019, 12:45
Форум: Desktop
Тема: Increasing StorageSpace of LiveUSB
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Increasing StorageSpace of LiveUSB

Hello Rosa! I'm testing our your newest release Rosa R11 XFCE and would like to know if it is possible to increase the storage size of the LiveUSB. In Arch, for example, the following code unmounts the COW space, increases its available storage and remount it immediately: sudo mount -o remount,size=...
25 июл 2017, 07:42
Форум: Desktop
Тема: Is there a way to change repo mirrors?
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Is there a way to change repo mirrors?

Hi Rosa Users and Devs, First of all, I just installed R9 Plasma and so far it's awesome. I used to use Arch, but I got tired of how easy it was to totally destroy the system by accident. Great job! Anyway, my question is about your repos. For some reason, whenever I am installing/upgrading packages...