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20 дек 2018, 18:02
Форум: ROSA Fresh R9 and later (2016.1)
Тема: Kontact and Kmail Bug
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Kontact and Kmail Bug

Since the last qt5 update, most of them had to do with the new Qt5.11.2
I updated and rebooted, but now when I open Kontact I see this:

11 мар 2018, 10:01
Форум: ROSA Fresh R4-R7 (2014.1)
Тема: DIGIKAM 5.5 missing geolocation in R9
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Re: DIGIKAM 5.5 missing geolocation in R9

It is possible to install the geolocation package without Your update?
02 янв 2013, 18:48
Форум: ROSA Fresh R1-R3 (2012.1)
Тема: nvidia opencl
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nvidia opencl

Can't install the package nvidia-current-cuda-opencl-310.19-3-rosa2012.1.i586 Getting these: Sorry, the following packages cannot be selected: - nvidia-current-cuda-opencl-310.19-3-rosa2012.1.i586 (wegen nicht erfüllter Abhängigkeit von libnvcuvid.so ) see also: http://fba.rosalinux.ru/repoclosure/r...
01 янв 2013, 20:22
Форум: Desktop
Тема: acrobat reader
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acrobat reader

How I get the acrobat reader installed on my x64 Desktop Fresh 2012 with normal font
31 дек 2012, 18:24
Форум: ROSA Fresh R1-R3 (2012.1)
Тема: Flashplayer sometimes turns blue-purple
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Re: Flashplayer sometimes turns blue-purple

Go to that YouTube Video and with a Right Click in the Video disable "enable hardware acceleration", see here what I mean:

http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/ ... celeration

Restart it and the faulty colors will disappear
28 дек 2012, 11:18
Форум: Off the wall
Тема: Greetings
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Re: Greetings

Greetings from Germany and I am also new to ROSA Desktop Fresh 2012. Long Mandriva Power User since Mandrake 8.2 and from Mandriva 2011 I changed to this Distro.
Very quick booting and the ROSA Desktop is a nice feature for the KDE Desktop.
Thanks for Your Work