Intel Skylake and the ISO image with ROSA R8 (kernel 4.9)

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Intel Skylake and the ISO image with ROSA R8 (kernel 4.9)

Сообщение euspectre » 20 янв 2017, 14:51

I suppose, some of you might have desktop systems or laptops with Intel's "Skylake" or "Kaby Lake" CPUs.

If so, please help us test this ISO image with ROSA R8 there: ... ists/17486
It would be enough to write this image to a USB stick and try to boot ROSA in Live mode from it.

We are currently investigating a problem that some of our users hit with our recent ISO images: the boot process failed at initrd stage. We are still unable to reproduce the problem on our hardware so a wider testing might provide a very useful info. So, if you could check in that ISO is working and send us the results, that would help.

If ROSA boots OK in Live mode on your system, please upload the hardware info and the logs to us using hw-probe tool. If the boot fails, please take a picture of the failure screen and post it here or send to me in a private message.

Thanks in advance.