Problem with installing and removing softwares

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Problem with installing and removing softwares

Сообщение tantrik » 18 июн 2017, 10:53

Dear friends,

Just installed Rosa linux R9 yesterday. Really user friendly and smooth but confused with installing and removing softwares from Software Management.

When I install a software from Software Management the actual program (e.g. fatrat) along with all other dependencies are installed but when I decide to remove the software only the program is removed not the dependencies. As a result, the dependencies remain in the system as junk and they consume unnecessary disk space. E.g. when I installed fatrat (~4 MB size), more than 100 MB sized dependencies were installed but after I un-installed fatrat only ~4 MB space were recovered. The 100 MB sized dependencies stayed in the system as junk. How to remove these junk dependencies along with the actual program itself? Will my system get slower if the system partition is accumulated with junk dependencies? How to free the system from junk files that are leftover before or after installing or removing a program? Is it safe to remove unnecessary dependencies? Are there any command line codes to do so if not possible in Software Management?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem with installing and removing softwares

Сообщение Anaximandar » 13 авг 2017, 17:57

Hello, you can remove a package with other libraries with the following command: # urpme name_of_package --auto --report-orphans.
Also check the following commands :$ urpme --help
or # urpme --auto-orphans

Kind regards