Rosa desktop fresh R2-Announce

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Rosa desktop fresh R2-Announce

Сообщение karol » 20 июл 2013, 16:51

About our future plans. We want to release ROSA Fresh Desktop R2 at the
September-October. This version will have updated X server and drivers
for free and proprietary video cards. And at the end of the year we will
have commercial version of the our distribution. :)

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Re: Rosa desktop fresh R2-Announce

Сообщение akdengi » 20 июл 2013, 20:36

I say for this - 'may be'. News for R2 there are more my point of view (not officially ROSA plans) as release manager and i will plan try for near future improve video, network and other hardware stacks (you may see about new drivers in our google+ community for now).

P.S. Please not say about 'our" in future without official news - this is only gossip and blueprints...